Your Toronto Guide To Preventing Rats In Your Backyard


In the animal kingdom, there are companion animals, wild animals, livestock – and pests. In the Greater Toronto Area, pests like rats, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, fruit flies, centipedes, spiders, and ants all live in proximity to people. Our homes often offer bugs and rodents shelter and food, but living with these pests can be gross at best and unhealthy at worst, besides the damage that they can cause to your property. People fear the possibility of bed bugs and with good reason; they’re almost impossible to get rid of and can drive you nuts. Cockroaches are no better, but when it comes to rats, there are some real risks involved.

Pest Control Expert
Pest Control Expert

Fortunately, a licensed professional is only a phone call away and you can call a pest control expert in Toronto to help get rid of the problem plaguing your home or your property. Call for a free quote and book an appointment to start fighting back against the pests ruining your life.


The reason why pests like humans are because we are a good source of food and shelter for them. The following is a list of things to do to prevent those pests from treating your home like a hotel. Typically, rats start out in your backyard, finding shelter in things you leave lying around or piles of leaves and garbage. Then, they find their way into your home as they search for food or warmer shelter in the winter. Follow these tips to reduce the likelihood that they will take over your backyard or get into your home:

• Don’t leave food and water sources out in the open
• Pet food should be put away over night
• Pests love crevices and cracks found in wood so cover them if found
• Don’t leave debris or junk lying around in the backyard
• Once the types of pests in the house are identified, research methods to get rid of them


What Next?

If it’s a little too late for prevention, there is nothing like a trained and experienced eye to look into the situation. This is why mice removal Toronto can be very helpful in making your house a safe haven for humans. What many people tend to forget is that most pests such as fruit flies, cockroaches, mice, and bed bugs, are health hazards. Therefore, getting rid of them with the help of a mice removal Toronto company like Power Pest Control is imperative in order to have a healthy and safe home.

Rat Control
Rat Control

Time to Call the Exterminator

The exterminator will come to your house and identify all of the problem areas, high traffic areas, and use traps and rodenticides to solve the problems. Their process involves a complete inspection of the house and since every house is slightly different, they will come up with a solution that best suits your house. Superior pest control companies tailor their solution to your situation, using Integrated Pest Management techniques like Power Pest Control. For something as important as pest control you do not want someone who will do a quick fix, then hand you the bill. You want someone who will take the time to solve your rodent problem for good.