When to Install a Miniline Guttering System At Home


Water being the source of all life is both a blessing and an incredibly destructive force. Humans simply cannot live without it and the need to control its flow poses a bigger challenge whether we have excess or lack of water supply. For those of us who are lucky that we live in an area where water is not scarce, modernisation has enabled us to maintain its flow effectively. For many who live in more extreme weather conditions such as in areas with heavy rainfall, the need for a proper drainage system is crucial. There are many types of drainage systems but for most homeowners, a miniline guttering system is the most common of all. The question that remains is if we really need a miniline guttering system at all. That of course depends on how much water we are dealing with.

Drainage System
Drainage System

Miniline guttering system

The term “miniline” refers to “small scale”. In its heart, it is basically a small guttering system used in many homes and smaller premises. A miniline guttering system enables the control of rainwater flow from within the entire area of our homes. The entire system is effectively simple and relatively easy to install. The components of a miniline guttering system in its heart consist of only a few pieces of items and part fittings, which include:

• (mini) half-round gutters
• gutter hangers
• downpipes
• pipe bends and “T”s
• outlets

Miniline Guttering System
Miniline Guttering System

These core components are what a simple miniline guttering system is built of. This system is usually then connected to an external drainage unit such as the neighbourhood’s primary drainage unit although more remote areas in the countryside usually do not incorporate this (sometimes they have a different recycle system such as a rainwater tank). If you live in the U.K, many UK miniline guttering suppliers keep these products in stock and various models and selections can be had without fear of the lack of reserve.

In addition, many of the half-round gutters are built from various types of grade materials. Many miniline guttering suppliers sell a range of fine quality guttering supplies. Some of these materials can be from plastic, iron, steel, brass and even aluminium. Each of these materials has its own advantages and drawbacks which can affect the balance between prices versus durability.

Installing Guttering System
Installing Guttering System

When do we need one?

The question that remains is “Do I really need a miniline guttering system at home?”. Simply put, the answer is most likely a “yes”. For those who live in an area where excessive rainfall occurs, homes run a greater risk of damage and extreme weather destruction without miniline guttering systems. Without a proper miniline guttering system, rainwater can both flood house interiors such as basements as well as flat areas of land such as gardens and yards, including damaging the foundations of houses. The damage list far outweighs the advantages of simply installing a miniline guttering system even when we do not really need one. Rainfall will eventually occur at unexpected times, and we will be glad that we had installed a miniline guttering system.


Without a doubt, there is no denying that we will be more comfortable installing a miniline guttering system even if we do not really see its benefit. Unless we live in harsh arid areas such as the Sahara, then it is pointless to install a guttering system. However, if rainfall occurs every now and then, it is safer to say that we should consider installing one. Despite the low frequency of rainfall, overtime, water will eventually destroy anything in its path due to degradation of other materials which are affected by it.