When You Should Wash Towels Like Bath Towels, Hand Towels And More


Your house is home to a variety of towels. They are present everywhere in your home – in your bathroom, kitchen, beach etc. How do you take care of these towels? Of course, by washing.

But how often should you wash all types of towels being used in your home? Let’s find the answer together.

Bath Towels
Bath Towels

1. Bath towels

Ideally, you should wash your bath towels after every two or three use. However, there are certain situations where bath towels are not required to be washed as often. Like, the bath towels you have placed in your guest bathroom is not used often so of course, it does not need washing.

Another important aspect to remember about the bath towels is to never share it. We have seen many families sharing a bath towel or siblings using the same one. Let us warn you, it is not at all recommended to share bath towels as it helps in the spread of germs and minor skin diseases.

2. Dish towels

Anything related to food must be as clean as can be. Dish towels are in the kitchen and they often get stained by food. But the question is how often you should wash the dish towels. We think for dish towels, the cleaning rule should be dictated by how often you use the kitchen.

There are so many people who don’t cook at all or who use their kitchen properly during the holidays season only. Such people can definitely wash the dish towels when they deem necessary.

However, for regular users, throw your dish towels in the washing machine after every two or three days.

Hand Towel
Hand Towel

3. Hand towels

Hand towels are probably the dirtiest one, agreed? It is common to have personal bathroom towels but nobody has personal hand towels – which should be an enough reason to wash them a lot.

Since hand towels are used frequently by your family members for different reasons. You should find a way to change them a lot, wash them a lot and buy them a lot.

The thing with hand towels is they are not as expensive – probably the cheapest in the towels category.

4. Beach Towels

Beach Towels are a bit longer and wider than bathroom towels. They are specifically used by people at beach or after a shower. Since they are big in size, men and women like to wrap it around themselves until they get dressed after taking a bath.

As for cleaning beach towels, the rule is similar to the bath towels – after every third or fourth use. The correct time to change the beach towels is when they start smelling bad or feeling old and dull on the skin. If it is used at beach it must be washed after every use.


5. Face towels

Face towels are probably the fanciest of all here. There may be many people who don’t own face towels and use the regular one to clean their face.

First of all, if you are doing that then you should stop immediately as your face is very precious and sensitive.

Face towels should be washed after every two or three days. We will also suggest you to buy more face towels. Just like hand towels, they come at pretty reasonable prices.