Tips to Using Domestic Roller Shutters in A Better Way


Ideally, there are two different types of domestic roller shutters that are majorly in use. These are the domestic security roller shutters and domestic roller shutter garage doors.

Domestic Security Roller Shutters

There are a few facts to know about the security roller shutters.

Domestic Roller Shutter
Domestic Roller Shutter

• These shutters are usually made from extruded aluminum. This metal is widely known and used for its key characteristic features such as light in weight, water-resistant and corrosion-free. These shutters are extremely sturdy and can withstand huge impact, thereby, offering a good strength.
• Alternatively, you can also have such shutters made from insulated aluminum. This, usually, contains a foam-filled curtain which enables you to retain heat inside the space for a considerable period of time.
• The method to installation of these domestic roller shutters are also unique and the most commonly used one is the ’face fix’ method as it is fixed to the external facades of your building. The reason for the popularity of this method is that it offers maximum height and width when the shutters are open.
• The other method of installation is to place the shutter in between the opening that can provide it with a more unobtrusive look. In this type of installation, the door roll needs to be under the lintel, thereby, offering a narrower height and width.

You will get these roller shutters in both manual and electric opening options and in a wide variety of sizes and color options.

Domestic Roller Shutter Garage Doors

The roller shutter garage doors also have its unique features, which are as the following:

Roller Shutter Garage Doors
Roller Shutter Garage Doors

• These garage security shutters are made from two different materials, such as electrified steel or aluminum. You can get these in both insulated as well as un-insulated versions.
• These shutters are available in a wide range of sizes and have a better lock strength and heavier curtain doors. These are aimed at eliminating any chances of intrusion in the garage.
• The mechanism of these shutters allows it to open vertically only that enables you to park your car till the door.
• Just like its other type, these shutters are also ’face fixed’ inside the garage. This provides maximum height and width, though this does require some amount of additional space.
• Where there are space restrictions, the alternative ’reveal fixed’ method can be used for its installation. But for this, you have to sacrifice height and width.

All in all, these domestic roller shutters can protect your property from natural disasters, such as heavy storms.

Protect Your Home

Protecting your home from burglars and bad weather is best done by the domestic roller shutters. These are gaining popularity amongst homeowners for the extra level of security that it provides. These are more convenient to use, and a more practical alternative option as compared with any standard security and garage doors.

Window Roller Shutters
Window Roller Shutters

These shutters not only keep the intruders away but consume very little space enabling you to plan better. You can even use these shutters over the windows for an added level of security. It is up to you to choose the manual or the electric roller shutter.

Things to Consider

The installation of the domestic roller shutters requires precise measurements, electric wiring and height. If you do not have relevant and adequate experience you must call and rely on professionals.

Choosing the right option is also important from the wide varieties of functions so that it fits in properly and serves the purpose. You can choose window roller shutters to reduce outside noise, roller shutters to keep up with the rising threat to security and security door or security grilles to keep intruders at bay.