The History and Types of Window Blinds – Varieties to Choose


Window blinds come in different types, materials, and colors now. Ensuring various purposes at households and offices like offering privacy, blockage of sunlight, and keeping interiors warm during colder season, window blinds are becoming inevitable as far as interior designing is concerned. There are many branded as well as local products available in the market and you need to be very careful while considering buying window blinds to be deployed at home. Further, we will try to explore the history of blinds a bit and different varieties of it.

We can see that the ancient people also used window blinds in different forms, to serve the same purpose as of now. People who lived in the desert used to cover their windows with wet clothes. This was a technique to cool off their home interiors with excruciating heat outside.

Windows Blinds
Windows Blinds

Evidences are also found that the ancient Chinese and Egyptians too used blinds or today’s type to ensure privacy and security. Egyptians used stringed reeds while Chinese used bamboo. We can see that bamboo is still used widely as blinds. Further we will explore some major types of windows blinds available now.

• Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds came from Persia. The ancient Venetian blinds were too noisy, however in the later 1980’s, the metal slats got replaced with wide vinyl slats which then became the standard. Now you can find variety of choices in Venetian blinds for home and office purposes.

• Bamboo blinds

Made out of bamboo as the name suggests, these blinds are woven with reeds, rattan, and natural grasses. These eco-friendly blinds give the most inviting and relaxing environment in the rooms. If you maintain oriental theme interiors, then bamboo blinds are the ideal choice to go with. These are so easy to install and highly durable.

• Bali blinds

Acting as thick window shades, Bali blinds will block off the light coming into the room completely. These blinds are considered to be highly energy efficient as able to reduce the heat during hot season and also holding the warmth inside the room during cold season.

Roller Blinds
Roller Blinds

• Roller blinds

This is the most cost-efficient and popular type of blinds out there in the market, used by billions. Roller blinds are highly flexible to be customized to fit to any window size and purposes. Roller blinds are ideal for home and office purposes, and it comes in various fabric choices as mesh fabrics, polyester, and cotton. There are also various colors and designs to choose and roller blinds are easy to install, clean, and maintain.

• Wooden blinds

The primary characteristic of wooden blinds is that it is highly crack resistant. Hard wood is usually used to make such blinds and these come in a wide range of warm and inviting colors and designs. Wooden blinds can offer a royal look to the interiors and alluring charm to the space. It is also maintenance free and durable.

• Vinyl blinds

Vinyl blinds are comparatively cheaper and highly popular. One reason behind its popularity is that it is highly moisture resistant and can be installed at any areas. They come in various colors and in constant size; however, these are not considered to be ideal for larger rooms.

To know which one best match to your needs and the various installation and maintenance aspects of window blinds, seek for professional help offered by the interior designers and blind manufactures.