Have A Stunning Front Entranceway That Really Stands Out


The adage to never judge a book by its cover is not practiced in everyday life, because people tend to skip over bland covers in favour of bolder options on the shelf. It’s natural to be drawn to things that are visually enticing and associate them with positive feelings.

Many people apply this logic to how they present their homes and try to create curb appeal — this is when you enhance the exterior of your house to catch the attention of neighbours, bystanders or buyers. When you make the property look charming and beautiful on the outside, it will give the automatic impression that the interior is exactly the same.

Front Entranceway Stunning
Front Entranceway Stunning

To give your home’s appeal a quick boost, start by making the front entranceway stunning. Look to the local window and door manufacturers in London to help you get new windows and doors this fall — they will lead you to the right options for your house’s design and your personal style while adhering to your overall budget. You can upgrade the value of the front doors by picking decorative windows and glossy hardware.

Another popular way to immediately capture attention is to choose a door in a rich or striking shade. The veteran company Golden Windows has a wide selection of doors in London with gorgeous exterior frame colours like:

• Amazon Green
• Tile Red
• Wedgewood
• Leaf Green
• Cranberry
• Old World Blue

Modern Front Entranceway Ideas
Modern Front Entranceway Ideas

If you prefer neutral tones or the classic look of wood grain, add a decorative wreath on the door for a pop of colour. Homeowners who like to craft in their spare time can put together DIY lavender wreaths by attaching bunches of the flowers over metal hoops and then hanging the fragrant ornaments up on their entrance doors.

For a simple and rustic touch, you can use bundles of dried lavender instead of ones that were freshly cut. The delicate wreath can be used for years after you make it, as long as you put it away carefully and store it in a safe spot.

Once you’re done with the lavender one, you can make a completely new ornament to hang on your door — there are a number of fall wreaths that you can make at home using seasonal craft materials like:

• Wood Slices
• Burlap
• Tulle
• Fall Leaves
• Cinnamon Sticks
• Ribbons

Home Curb Appeal
Home Curb Appeal

Along with the handmade wreaths, one of the quickest ways to improve your home’s curb appeal is to put potted plants by the door or on the front steps — they will instantly add colour, freshness and warmth to the area. This is a beneficial option for homeowners who want to put a little plant-life along the exterior but aren’t confident about their gardening skills. Pick containers of perennials during the fall and then switch to winter-hardy shrubs when the temperatures drop toward zero.

Finally, an easy step to having a front entranceway that stands out from the rest of the houses in the neighbourhood is to keep it clean. Sparkling windows, shining hardware and a path that’s clear of dead leaves will make a big difference.