Flexible Furniture Ideas


There are few feelings better in the world than when you have bought furniture and you realise that it has more than one use for your home! As living spaces become smaller and interior design adapts, there are now more multi-use furniture pieces available than ever before.

Flexible Furniture
Flexible Furniture

Kitchen and dining

For some people, having a dining room to sit and eat in would be a complete luxury. Instead, they have to make use of these flexible furniture options and now there are lots of different kinds of extendable counter surfaces available which make stylishly modern dining areas. To go with these extended counters, there are now lots of foldaway chair options available which make the seating area disappear once it has all been put away.

As well, storage designs have got more inventive with units being custom made to fit small spaces; for example, vertical storage options help make room for other kitchen appliances. People are also making use of old pieces of traditional bedroom furniture and turning them into kitchen island units, like substituting in an oak chest of drawers, which works perfectly as it has all the storing facilities to put your handy cooking ingredients away in like herbs and spices. Floating storage options are also flexible in the kitchen as you can store anything in them and they don’t interfere with any of your other kitchen utilities.

Flexible Living Room Furniture
Flexible Living Room Furniture

Living rooms

Lots of living rooms have furniture in them which are multi-purpose, there is obviously the infamous sofa-bed combo but there are also other innovative flexible pieces of furniture out there to choose. If you are keen to create a living/dining experience, then you could achieve this by buying an extendable coffee table. You can buy ones which are height-adjustable so that everyone can get their knees under the table! Bookshelves can also be multi-purpose as there are now bookcases which are made from ladders, this makes moving bookcases around the house a much easier task and ladders are extremely handy for changing any light bulbs you may need!


The most desirable multi-function piece of bedroom furniture has to surely be awarded to the bed with an inbuilt TV; it is a space saving design whilst also offering the feeling of absolute luxury. As well, inbuilt wardrobes with mirror fronts serve two very important design purposes, they create storage but also the illusion that the room is a lot bigger due to the mirror’s reflection. There are also lots of interior wardrobe storage accessories on the market which can utilise the space in your wardrobe more effectively, for example with extendable rails and shelf organisers.

Flexible Bedroom Furniture
Flexible Bedroom Furniture

Beds can also be used as a storage facility, there a lots of beds which have easy access storage compartments for your shoes, bags or even spare pillows. It means you don’t need to pull everything out your wardrobe in order to find what you need as you can see it all laid out flat when you pull out the storage compartments.


There a plenty of wacky and wonderful ways of using your furniture to suit your different needs in your home! Find what’s best for you and use your imagination as the possibilities seem to be endless.