Customised Office Fitouts Adds Value to The Organization


The customised office fitouts can be obtained as a standard product based on the requirement. But, all offices differ in structure as well as the particular need for fitouts. There are two options; accommodate the furniture in the office layout and design accordingly, customize the fit-outs. The problem is identical to the following example; fit a body inside a readymade garment or ordering a garment that fits the body contour. The first one is cheaper, but gives a similar look to that of others. Therefore, customizing the office fit-out is always a better option. Nowadays the vendors of office fit outs provide this option to their clients.

Office Layout Design
Office Layout Design

The things to Look Out

Customizing the office fit-outs is costlier than the readymade option, therefore,

• A meticulous planning of every inch of the office space is a must
• The design should indicate the utilization of space including the accommodation
• The planning and design must consider the departmental requirement including the storage
• The present office strength, adequate provision for future expansion etc is to be noticed
• Space designing must be done by a competent designer who is familiar with the deployment behavior of the particular industry
• Before ordering the customised office fitouts care should be taken to accommodate physically impaired people to access the departments
• In the case of industry dealing with the public affair, the design should be planned in such a way that the physically impaired person is guided to the reception or to the conference room

Office Design
Office Design

Other Factors for Consideration

A customized fit-out used in an office décor have certain advantages:

• Optimize the use of the office space
• Optimize the output of the employees and make the office premises more worker-friendly
• The use of the décor of the office space stands out from the crowd
• The prospective customer gets the assurance of best professional services, from the look of the area
• The customised office fitouts carries the message to one and all without leaving any space for doubt
• A simple design and creative use of the office space is provided
• The space is not cramped and an emergency evacuation can be done with least chaos and panic
• The designing is done with fire retarding material, and also provides standard firefighting equipment so as to ensure absolute safety during any fire instances

Office Fitout
Office Fitout

The Customized Fit-Outs

The need to select the right material and the right décor is a challenge to designers for customised office fitouts. This is because, for a standard product the item can be changed if it does not look good. But with customized fit-outs, the changed product cannot be reused and therefore, every change costs the organization. Therefore, the organization needs to hold a group discussion to decide.

The Flexibility Matters

There must be adequate flexibility in the design. The requirement for each industry differs from the other; an office for a realtor or a healthcare or an IT company needs different arrangement and convenience. The advantage of today’s technology has made the job of the designer and their clients simple. A computer simulation of the virtual office can help to decide the shape and décor of the planned office. The designer can also use a 3D printer to develop a realistic model for the industry. But, the most important part is the decision and the vision of the entrepreneur who needs to visualize the dream office, only then the designer can do the job.

The above tips give an idea about fitouts and the different ways to approach the best expert to customize the space.