Current Interior planning Projects associated with Fundi Birmingham


Fundi Birmingham is an interior company which is dedicated to provide premium designs that would turn a simpleapartment into a luxurious one within the finest addresses of Central London. Fundi London believes that every client has their own vision of how they want their precious space to look like that is why our interior designers and architects work hand in hand with them to be able to produce an outcome that will make the said vision into concrete results.

Fundi London could produce numerous interior styles around Central London that could be seen in their extensive portfolio. Currently, however, they are working with three major projects , one in Londonwhich is the Bramham Gardens and the other two in South Africa namely, Westcliff and 12 Cloud’s End.

Bramham Garden is found in Earls Courtroom and includes substantial wedding reception room along with beautifulfireplace, fashionable and completely fitted kitchen area, stunning bed room with installed wardrobes as well as comfortable restroom and smooth guest cloakroom. Bramham Gardens is positioned in a great location because it is close to shops, restaurants along with other important features.

Westcliff however is the multi-tiered modern home in desired neighborhood along with cantilevering pool, luxurious master bedroom boasting health spa bath amenities and stroll in wardrobe. FundiLondon functions closely along with architects as well as interior designers to create every customer’s dream right into a concrete as well as tangible actuality. Lastly, the Cloud’s end is really a very helpful hotel along with classy areas and comfy comfort rooms which makes it a excellent place to remain for a brief or lengthy vacation and every other occasions.

Fundi Birmingham always provides it best in a project. Each and every staff works closely with each other to achieve the highest goal and that is to meet or even beat the client’s expectation. With different designs flooding the industry, Fundi London makes sure that we are all equipped in this ever changing time and won’t stop learning diversified designs to meet and transform every people’s dream into a reality.