Considerations and Benefits of Quality Solid Oak Flooring


Flooring plays an important role in the look and comfort of your home. When deciding on this, it is best to go through different options available these days and after being well informed of their properties opt for the one which you know will meet your requirement to the tee. Here we talk about solid oak flooring, and due to its durability it looks classy and simple maintenance has made it a popular choice among many home owners. This investment by a home owner is on a long term basis and the many benefits of opting for solid oak floorings of a good quality make it totally worthwhile.

Solid Oak Flooring
Solid Oak Flooring

Taking the Durability factor

Oak is a hardwood which has gained its popularity due to the factor of durability. You find many of these are almost 200 years old which is enough proof for durability. This tends to retain its beauty however old it might be.

The Cost Factor

You find this hardwood, oak, reasonable as compared to many other hardwoods. This wood is convenient to work with and is easy to install which can save on the time taken. Other hardwoods used for flooring take much longer as compared to oak.

The Beauty of Oak

The warm patterns and distinctive colors can only enhance the beauty of your home. This works apt for homes which have the traditional or a contemporary look.

Variation in Oak Flooring

There are lots of varieties in oak for flooring. You have the choice of opting for the oak which is recognized due to the distinctive knots and the grain patterns or you can think of the prime grade which is apt for modern homes. This can give a uniform look. Another reason for opting for oak for your flooring is the capability of this hardwood to absorb stains.

Wooden Flooring
Wooden Flooring

Resistant to Insects

Using oak as your choice for flooring ensures less of maintenance as this is resistant to fungal attacks and also insect attacks.

Considerations before you opt for an Oak Flooring

Choose a well reputed and experienced manufacturer who has a thorough knowledge in wooden flooring and is able to guide and advice you in accordance to your requirement. There are few considerations to focus on before you opt for oak flooring:

1. You need to make sure what type of look are you trying to achieve, a traditional one or a contemporary one. This can help you make the right choice in the color, flooring grains and the patterns. Besides this you need to keep in mind the furnishing and the décor of the room in which you are getting the oak flooring for.

2. The traffic level of the room can determine the height and width of the wooden flooring. Flooring for a bathroom or a kitchen needs to be of a different structure as compared to the flooring in the dining space, living room or the bedroom. Considering these small factors can make your choice in the style of flooring apt.

Style of Flooring
Style of Flooring

3. Consider the sub-base where you will be putting this flooring on. You might be putting this on an existing wooden flooring, concrete or even wooden batons or probably the carpet. All this can make a difference to the installation process. Also for Rugs and Carpets can be a challenge to clean and remove the stains. Professional carpet cleaning services can be costly and not so easy to work. However, with the help of a best carpet shampooer you can clean the whole carpet by yourself. If you are opting to put oak flooring in more than a single room, you need to make sure that you are able to strike a balance as to what is appropriate for each room.

4. Variations in height is important as wooden oak flooring are available in different thicknesses. Methods used for fitting can make a difference to the height of the floor. This can be discussed with the one who is chosen to fit the flooring.

5. Keep a budget in mind so that you are comfortable and also so that you can make a choice in accordance to this. Before choosing a fitter make sure of the reputation and experience as this can make a whole lot of difference to the job done.

Moreover, do you like to know more about solid oak flooring? Then let’s go to the details to get few more information about it.