Air Conditioning Units


Air conditioning units are an investment. When looking for someone to install and maintain an air conditioning unit a professional is always the way to go. Finding a professional in your area that can handle all your air conditioning needs is very important.

Installing an Air Conditioning Unit

An air conditioning unit should be replaced every 10 to 15 years. When looking into replacing an existing air conditioning unit or installing one for the first time there are many things to consider. Make sure the unit you choose is sized properly for the area you are using it in. If you pay for a more efficient unit, but it is not sized properly you will lose money. The way to get the proper unit is to measure the square footage that you need it for and choose the size of the unit based on that. Cooling capacity for air conditioning units are measured in British Thermal Units (BTU) per hour. The best way to install an efficient system is to have a professional do it. A professional will know the ins and outs of installing an air conditioning unit properly. There are many benefits to installing a new air conditioning unit such as improved health, comfort, increased home value, and savings. A new air conditioning unit can decrease asthma and allergy symptoms, decrease mold and mildew, and help with respiratory health. It can also help protect your family from contaminants like odor and carbon monoxide. A new air conditioning unit can help increase the value of your home and help to reduce costs. High-efficiency air conditioning units are great selling points and also help to reduce energy costs.

Properly Maintaining an Air Conditioning Unit

Installing a new air conditioning unit is an investment, properly maintaining your air conditioning unit is necessary to get the full benefit of your investment. Properly maintaining your air conditioning unit can help to save energy, help avoid costly repairs, keep your home safe, and extend the life of your unit. Having a professional come to perform maintenance a few things they will check is the freon levels, the disconnect box connections, outside unit voltage, compressor amp draw, clean the condenser coil, check the evaporator coil, check the blower wheel, and change the filter. A professional will know what kind of filter to use on your unit. There are several filters to choose from a disposable fiberglass filter, a washable filter, or a pleated filter. Knowing which one to use will keep your unit running efficiently.

Installing a new air conditioning unit is a big investment that needs to be properly researched. You need to use all resources at your disposal to find the perfect air conditioning company for you some of these could include the internet, friends, and family, or the phone book. When deciding who to use make sure to find professionals who are reputable and will be able to accommodate your needs. When looking into air conditioning West Chester pa many professionals that can handle all of your installation and maintenance needs.