A fridge that is also a speaker?


Fridges are wonderful things. They can keep food fresh and make drinks cooler and more refreshing. Many can create ice to make your drinks even cooler, and some can even help you listen to your favourite tunes.

Wait, what? Fridges don’t help you listen to your favourite songs, do they? Food storage and music aren’t really overlapping areas.

A fridge that is also a speakerIf you think that, then one company disagrees with you if their new invention is any indication. What’s more, the more you think about it the better their idea seems.

For some years, fridges have existed in a dizzying variety of shapes and sizes, from standard domestic fridges to huge commercial refrigeration solutions such as commercial refridgeration by Fridge Freezer Direct. In recent years a number of smart fridges have been developed offering advanced functionality, but this still normally relates to the appliance’s primary purpose of food storage. But now Invoxia, a French consumer electronics specialist, is changing that – and you don’t even need to buy a new fridge if you want to take advantage of their innovation.

How it works

The best part is that the Triby, which is what the company has christened the invention, can be easily fitted to an existing fridge. In fact, it requires no technical knowledge and can be physically fitted in roughly a second (excluding unboxing and setup). This is because Invoxia’s invention has taken the somewhat humble form of possibly the world’s most advanced fridge magnet.

Basically, it is a wireless Bluetooth speaker in fridge magnet form. Just plonk it on the front of your fridge, and it’s ready to go. It has a fetching, slightly retro design and a 2.9 inch E-Ink display allowing song information to be displayed or Android and iOS to send doodles to the device. It can also stream internet radio or be used to make HD voice calls using an app designed to accompany the device.

In short, just plonking a Triby on the door turns your fridge into a smart fridge with an emphasis on music functionality. Within this niche, it has an impressive range of features that will put many other devices to shame.

Why this makes sense

The idea of turning your fridge into a speaker may seem a little off-the-wall and disconnected from the whole idea of food refrigeration at first. However, the more you think about it, the more sense it seems to make.

Pretty much every home has a fridge. Pretty much all of those are in kitchens, and many are already cluttered with an assortment of semi-forgotten magnets. A lot of people spend a lot of time in their kitchens cooking, eating or just relaxing, and like to listen to the music they love while they do so. So why not make one of those magnets a useful device?

Not only is the fridge readily available, but the front of the door is not usually used as storage for anything but magnets. Even if it’s already pretty much full, it’s unlikely those magnets are too important to be replaced. This means you don’t need to find counter space for a radio or music dock – which may not offer the same level of functionality anyway.