9 Benefits of Using LED Mirrors for Your Bathroom


Bathrooms reflect the aura of your whole house hence it is vital for the bathroom to look as pleasant and elegant as possible. At the time of renovating or setting up your bathroom, one of the most important decisions is to choose the right mirror that accents the space of your bathroom. Bathroom lighted mirrors have become widely popular and people prefer using them in their bathrooms for a number of different reasons.

Incredible LED Lighted Mirror in Bathroom
Incredible LED Lighted Mirror in Bathroom

LED Mirrors

Backlit LED lighted mirrors are installed with LED (light emitting diode) lights. LED lights have a lot of advantages over fluorescent or incandescent lights.

Using the Illuminated Mirrors

Backlit mirrors add innovation and beauty to your bathroom. The mirrors are usually used in the washrooms for getting a crystal clear image. LED’s (light emitting diodes) are the most efficient and energy conscious light supplies that can enlighten your bathroom mirror and can provide you a clear and clean image. The LEDs are known for their highly energy saving light and are capable of producing more light with less heat generation. LED’s provide you the perfect lighting required for makeup and you don’t have to struggle to see yourself in the mirror. Moreover, the LED’s give a modern and modern-day look to your bathroom and they fit with every mirror size.

Large Bathroom Lighted Mirror
Large Bathroom Lighted Mirror

Benefits of Using LED Mirrors

Using LED mirrors in bathroom has a lot of advantages, some of which are:

• They save electricity

LED lights have a long running time, they are very energy efficient, LED light bulbs are the perfect light bulbs for saving electricity. Unlike incandescent bulbs that have to replace often, LED bulbs even when used all day, can last up to a number of years. There will be no hassle of having to replace your bulbs often. Their long running time also makes them cost effective.

Round LED Lighted Vanity Mirror in Bathroom
Round LED Lighted Vanity Mirror in Bathroom

• Light up the dimly lit bathroom

Sometimes even after installing lights in your bathroom, it turns out that your bathroom is still dimly lit which will make your bathroom space look unpleasant. The more well-lit the bathroom is, the more comfortable and elegant it will look. By installing lighted vanity mirrors, you can fix the faulty lighting of your bathroom. LED bulbs give off a fairly bright light that will illuminate your bathroom. So the LED lights not only illuminate your mirror but your entire bathroom.

• Environment friendly

Apart from saving electricity, there are other environment friendly benefits of illuminated mirrors. Led lights do not produce toxins and do not emit mercury as well which makes them the safest lights. Another huge advantage of them is that they do not emit UV rays. UV rays attract insects, using light up mirrors will keep the troublesome insects away and you would not have to worry about them swarming around your mirror. They also emit a lot less warmth as compared to other bulbs which makes them perfect in summers and they are sage and do not pose the threat of fires.

LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror
LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

• The best reflection

The main purpose of a mirror is to provide the best reflection that it can. Bathroom vanity mirrors do exactly that. With its highly quality light, LED bulbs gives you the perfect well illuminated reflection of yourself.

• Perfect for grooming

LED lights provide the perfect illumination for the mirrors. Unlike other mirrors, lighted bathroom mirrors give off flawless reflection. This is the reason why they are the best mirrors for grooming purposes. The well-lit back lit mirrors make it very easy for women to apply makeup with perfection and men can have a lot of ease while shaving. Other light bulbs create shadows on the face which will make applying makeup or shaving a difficult task to perform. The high quality light emitted by the LED bulbs will help you groom yourself with perfection.

LED Mirror in Bathroom
LED Mirror in Bathroom

• Sensors

Bathroom vanity mirrors come with the facility of different sensors as well as shaving sockets which the user can use according to their ease.

• Demisters

Demisters can also be installed in the illuminated mirrors. You would have to go through the annoying trouble of mist being formed on the mirror as you step out of a hot shower. The demisters will keep your mirror clear.

• Slim design provides more space

Backlit mirrors are created according to the modern style bathroom which is relatively getting compacter in size. These mirrors are sleek and thin which will make the room look more spacious.

Perfect Modern Look with Backlit LED Lighted Mirrors
Perfect Modern Look with Backlit LED Lighted Mirrors

• Beautiful designs

These mirrors come in all kinds of designs. They not only make the bathroom look contemporary but elegant at the same time. Available in almost all shapes like rectangular, circular and square and with many different styles of LED lights, you can choose the mirror from a wide variety that goes with your bathroom. Mirrors are one of the most important features of the bathroom that’s why it is important to have the perfect mirrors installed. Vanity mirrors with lights give that perfect modern look to your bathroom. If you want your bathroom to look even more stylish, some bathroom lighted mirrors come with extra lighting effects.