10 Useful Tips On Backyard Landscaping


A backyard can serve several purposes for example; quiet retreat, play area, used by kids, an adventurous area for your pets, therefore, it is of importance to keep your backyard cozy when landscaping. The following are some of the tips on backyard landscaping applicable in any climate and any neighborhood setting.

Backyard Landscaping Design
Backyard Landscaping Design

1. Use of Potted Plants

Putting your plants, flowers and exotic blooms in colorful pots not only add a visual appeal to your backyard but it will also save you time when watering or tilling using your tiller. Potted plants can be placed on patios and in out-of-the-way regions.

2. Check on Weeds

Weeds are problematic, and they destroy the appeal of your backyard therefore never let them grow in your backyard especially when trying to get your garden underway. Consider spraying a herbicide (pre-emergent) on the garden beds.

Backyard Paver
Backyard Paver

3. Adding Pavers

Tips on backyard landscaping can be simple as playing with your pavers. Turn your garden path into an attracting walkway using flagstone; thick turf ribbons can separate these. You need not plant grass on the spaces where you intend to add pavers.

4. Create Your Own Food Garden

This is part of backyard landscaping; create a small kitchen garden to grow fresh vegetables that are attractive. Create a series of raised beds and a water trough at the center of the yard. This will not only make your backyard attractive but also beneficial.

Pretty Prairie
Pretty Prairie

5. Plant Grass to Create a Pretty Prairie

Create a prairie effect using grasses. These tough plants like grass provide such a natural beauty and require minimal maintenance. They are environmentally friendly and create such a beautiful lawn healthy for both kids and pets.

6. Create an Impressing Entrance

First impressions are always the best, and it counts when it comes to backyard landscaping; therefore, it is important to pay attention to your backyard entry. Avoid rusty gate, muddy path or misplaced pavers. Stone patio can create a welcoming and beautiful doorway for guests, family, and even pets. Also, avoid hanging flower branches at the gate.

Fence at Backyard
Fence at Backyard

7. Include a Fence at Your backyard

Your family member’s safety should be a priority when landscaping your backyard. Design a sturdy and escape-proof fence; it should be of average height to keep your pets i.e. dogs from jumping. Also, your gates should be locked.

8. Include a Shed

The best backyard should have a shed; this may also double as your store for equipment used in landscaping. You can either buy a wooden shed or buy a customized one that will meet your standards as well as appeal. You can plant grass around the shed or have flower pots around. The shed must include storage space for your tiller.

Backyard Fireplace
Backyard Fireplace

9. Add a Fireplace

The outdoor living is always extended at the backyard, making a reservation for a fireplace while landscaping your backyard is a value addition. The fireplace usually comes in handy during winter and acts as open-air living room for your family and friends.

10. Cover All Ground

Do not leave any ground while landscaping. You can grow mid-size grasses; these can always act as ground covers and weed smothers while creating beautiful texture to the landscape. Mounding grasses are preferred ground covers due to their dense characteristics.


The above tips on backyard landscaping when considered will yield an excellent result for your backyard landscape appearance that you will be proud of. You can comment your views about this article and share if this was helpful or if you liked it.